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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Treatment Explained

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Treatment Explained

Peripheral nerve stimulation (PNS) is a neuromodulation technique in which electrical current is applied to the peripheral nerves to improve chronic pain.

In simpler terms, PNS sends electrical pulses to a specific peripheral nerve that is causing pain. This neurostimulation is an excellent option for patients that cannot have surgery or want a non-surgical solution to their pain.

It has proven to be an effective pain management tool and has even eliminated pain in some patients! Read on to learn more about this breakthrough treatment option and see if it may be what you’re looking for.

At ACellOrtho, we want to make sure you’re pain-free, but we’re not looking to jump into surgery.

We’ll take the time to review your history with you and truly identify the cause of your pain so we can give you the best chance to eliminate pain rather than try out different procedures with no results.

PNS has been a useful method for many of our patients! This interventional pain management technique implants a permanent peripheral nerve stimulator under the skin that delivers regular electrical impulses to a specific peripheral nerve causing pain and blocks the messages before they can reach your brain.

Why Do We Love PNS?

What Does PNS Treat?

We always recommend scheduling a consult to review your unique medical history and needs, but PNS is commonly used to treat:

Dr. Rich uses Stimwave technology; the first FDA cleared Freedom System™ for Spinal Cord Stimulation, Dorsal Root Ganglion Stimulation, and Peripheral Nerve Stimulation.

The Stimwave Stimulator System, with just a single device implanted through a needle, provides a non-surgical therapy option for chronic pain.

This system uses the world’s smallest, wireless, microsize neurostimulator and leverages patented advancements in microtechnology.

Not only is the Stimwave technology sleek and easy to wear, but it also offers patients and practitioners an affordable choice for pain management!

Get an Expert Opinion

When it comes to treating and managing pain many patients don’t feel they have many options. However, Dr. Rich at ACellOrtho is a leading educator and expert in the field.

He is one of only two physicians in Oklahoma qualified to perform peripheral stimulation. His extensive background and ongoing education mean you have more options when you visit ACellOrtho!

Whereas some doctors may only be able to offer one or two types of solutions, Dr. Rich can give you endless insight.

As one of the first doctors to use peripheral stimulation techniques, Dr. Rich can offer patients a wider decision-making base when considering treatment options.

Dr. Rich is in constant communication with field experts and colleagues so he can stay ahead of the curve and provide patients with the best treatment possible.

Schedule your consultation today to see if PNS is the right treatment for you!

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Peripheral Nerve Stimulation Treatment Explained


Are you looking for an expert opinion and a non-surgical approach to your chronic pain? Learn more about Dr. Rich’s expertise in Peripheral Nerve Stimulation.


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