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Is Interventional Pain Management Right For You? Here’s How To Tell…

Is Interventional Pain Management Right For You? Here’s How To Tell…

Chronic pain is one of the most common reasons for a generalized doctor visit, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only can chronic pain take a myriad of forms and impact virtually all areas in the body, but it’s often a problem without a simple solution.

Unlike a cut or an infection which can be cleared up with antibiotics or a little self-care, chronic pain typically has deeper roots which are harder to identify and treat.

As such, one of the most effective ways to address chronic pain is through Interventional Pain Management.

Interventional Pain Management looks beyond the standard solutions to try to find the actual cause and to find a treatment plan and relief that lasts.

Instead of a trial-and-error approach, an expert Interventional Pain Management Physician will spend time asking questions and researching the issue to find the right solution for each patient.

So how do you know if you’re the right candidate for Interventional Pain Management? It starts by seeing if you identify with any of the following qualifications…

1. Your Pain Isn’t Going Away

This point is arguably the number one reason why a patient should investigate Interventional Pain Management as a treatment option.

If your chronic pain is not going away on its own, then it’s time to investigate real and concrete solutions for long-term relief.

2. Your Pain Is Affecting Your Everyday Life

If your chronic pain is slowing you down or impacting your ability to work, socialize, or enjoy life, then it’s time to get your life back.

Chronic pain rarely improves on its own without treatment. So even if you’re noticing minor impacts in your daily life now, chances are these hindrances and disruptions will grow over time.

3. You Don’t Want to Take Pain Relievers Indefinitely

Prescription or over-the-counter pain medication can provide pain relief for the short term, but they are not a long-term fix for your chronic pain problem.

Because pain relievers address the symptoms and not the root cause, they will need to be taken indefinitely, and generally in stronger and stronger doses as your tolerance grows.

This point can lead to a dangerous and expensive cycle that does not address the root problem of your pain.

4. You Are Wary of Surgeries

Surgeries may be able to help your pain. However, major surgeries can have unintended side effects in addition to the long recovery time and expenses that naturally accompany a major operation.

Interventional Pain Management is a solid way to explore all of your options and to confirm surgery is indeed necessary and will fix your pain issue, well before you schedule a major and life-interrupting operation.

5. You Have Not Found a Simple Solution

Perhaps you’ve tried prescription drugs, and they didn’t work, or maybe you’ve seen several doctors and still haven’t identified a long-term cure for your pain.

Interventional Pain Management is a way to avoid multiple doctors’ visits and numerous treatments and identify a real solution that works.

We Can Help

Chronic pain comes in all forms and is extremely individualized, so your treatment needs to be individualized as well.

Contact Dr. Rich today to schedule your initial consultation, and let’s get to work on finding a personalized solution to your pain that fits.

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Is Interventional Pain Management Right for You? Here’s How to Tell…


Interventional pain management is a specialized and highly focused way to identify and treat the root cause of your chronic pain, but is it right for you? Here’s how to tell.


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