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How Your Chronic Pain Impacts Your Quality Of Life

How Your Chronic Pain Impacts Your Quality Of Life

Debilitating pain, post-op issues, and chronic pain can severely alter how you live your life. Unfortunately, it’s a hard concept for many people to understand if they aren’t dealing with pain daily.

Chronic pain can be isolating and have lasting consequences that many people aren’t sure how to cope with. Depending on your unique situation, how your pain affects you will differ greatly from that of others.

Taking a toll on your emotional wellbeing, your physical state, and even your relationships with others are some of the most common effects those with chronic pain report.

ACellOrtho Understands

During our time in the field, we’ve seen it all, and we know that there are statistics that back up just how detrimental chronic pain can be.

If you’ve dealt with or have been dealing with chronic pain, you don’t have to feel alone in your struggle! Can you identify with any of the following complications of chronic pain?

1. Emotional Stress

Many patients with chronic pain report feeling:

Joining support groups, seeking treatment from an expert, or looking for ways to keep your mind busy are all viable options to help improve your mood.

We understand these remedies aren’t always going to work, but the ACellOrtho team is here to help!

2. Lowered Self-Esteem

Consistent pain can impact your:

All of this can have a negative impact on your self-image, but it’s important to remember it is not a personal defect nor is it a symbol of weakness.

Many patients report that speaking with a therapist or joining a support group helps them overcome this issue.

3. Fear

Many patients worry they will reinjure themselves, or complicate existing injuries, which prevents them from getting out and enjoying life as they usually would or would like to.

Have you dealt with this? There are various therapy options available that could help you overcome this block.

4. Strained Relationships

It can be challenging to:

Unfortunately, frustration, resentment, and miscommunication can occur furthering the feeling of isolation.

If you feel your relationships have taken a hit because of your pain, consider marriage counseling or asking your partner to be involved with medical visits, research, etc.

5. Fatigue

Pain is exhausting, no matter the reason for or source of your pain, it can make it difficult for you to sleep and spike stress levels that throw off your energy and make it difficult to get through each day.

Although it can be difficult to accomplish, many patients report incorporating regular exercise and a healthy diet into their routine can help.

We know that these five areas barely scratch the surface of the reality of those dealing with chronic pain, but we want our patients and prospective patients to know that we understand and are ready to find a treatment path to help!

We’re Here to Help!

Dr. Brian K. Rich and the team at ACellOrtho (ACELLerated Interventional Orthopedics) work hard to serve patients across Oklahoma, and the nation, by restoring their quality of life to the highest level of functioning possible.

We take on cases ranging from back, hip, shoulder, and knee pain to steroid injections to spinal cord stimulation. You can see more of our conditions treated here.

Dr. Rich is a leading educator and physician in his field, being one of only two physicians in Oklahoma qualified to perform peripheral stimulation.

His extensive studies and training give him a broader decision-making base when treating patients and has the advantage of being able to provide more than one or two types of treatments.

Dr. Rich is hugely involved in all the relevant medical societies, has created curriculums, is board eligible to fellowship trained and board certified, and travels the country teaching other physicians.

He wants to use his experience and knowledge to help educate patients and physicians alike to employ the absolute best treatment strategy.

Dr. Rich is in constant communication with field experts and colleagues so he can stay ahead of the curve and provide patients with the best treatment possible.

Relieve Pain and Reclaim Your Life Today!

Dr. Rich and his team will go through your history, pinpoint the underlying cause of your pain, and explain your treatment options.

After you’ve received treatment, you can expect Dr. Rich and team to follow up with lasting support.

Are you ready to get an expert’s opinion and find relief? Get in touch with us to schedule your consultation today!

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How Your Chronic Pain Impacts Your Quality of Life


Are you ready to get an expert's opinion and find relief? Get in touch with us to schedule your consultation today!


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