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Don’t Let Chronic Pain Impact Your Ability To Enjoy Life!

Don’t Let Chronic Pain Impact Your Ability To Enjoy Life!

Don’t Let Chronic Pain Impact Your Ability to Enjoy Life

Everyone experiences occasional aches or pains. It’s often a sign that an injury has occurred. However, if your body is still hurting weeks, months, or even years later, you are dealing with chronic pain. Pain is a significant health care crisis as nearly half of all Americans see a medical professional for pain-related problems every year. Chronic pain, which is any pain that lasts for 3 to 6 months or more, can also interrupt your life, making it challenging to get through daily tasks and activities. Don’t let recurring chronic pain impact your ability to enjoy life.

Is Chronic Pain Impacting Your Quality of Life?

Pain is a normal reaction to an injury, but when that pain continues to linger even after its cause is gone, it can start to take a toll. Your body treats pain like a warning that something is wrong, putting a lot of stress on your body. While an injury usually causes chronic pain, it can also result from an underlying health condition. In addition, chronic pain can affect people of all ages.

Chronic pain can range from mild to severe and may feel like a dull ache, burning, throbbing, soreness, or a range of other issues, but it isn’t the level of pain that makes it chronic; it’s the enduring nature. Your body was not designed to withstand being in pain for a prolonged period of time, which is why when pain is ongoing and uncontrolled, it can have an adverse effect on practically every aspect of a person’s life, including both their body and their mental health.

Chronic pain affects the ability to sleep, produces anxiety and depression, can cause mood changes, may make them feel weak, and interferes with a person’s ability to work and interact with friends and family. These effects impact the person suffering from chronic pain and their family, co-workers, friends, and others close to them. When put together, it’s easy to see that the effects of chronic pain can cause a diminished quality of life.

You Don’t Have to Live with Chronic Pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain, there is good news. There are treatments available to restore you to the highest functional level and give you more time to enjoy life again. Through interventional pain management, you can control your pain with minimally invasive and non-operative methods while also avoiding the use of opioids.

ACELLerated Interventional Orthopedics is interventional pain management that is patient-focused and solution-driven. Our first step is to pinpoint your pain’s underlying cause and then tailor a customized treatment plan just for you. Don’t let chronic pain consume your life. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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