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Chronic Pain: Four Types More Common In Women

Chronic Pain: Four Types More Common In Women

Chronic pain can impact both sexes differently and in a far-reaching range of ways. Though both men and women can develop a chronic pain condition at any point in their lives, women especially may suffer more and for longer, simply because they don’t seek treatment as often.

Also, their pain can mistakenly be attributed to a long list of other causes. With that in mind, it’s imperative for women, in particular, to be vigilant of chronic pain.

And to seek effective treatment if they believe that chronic pain is a widespread issue. So be on the lookout for these common types of chronic pain that can impact women far more often than men. 

1. Musculoskeletal Pain

Musculoskeletal pain is common across the board, but especially when it comes to women. This pain impacts and originates in the:

A recent study cited by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) included research from more than 85,000 participants found, and found the occurrence of musculoskeletal pain was noticeably higher for females as opposed to males, regardless of:

2. Abdominal Pain

Many studies have also found abdominal pain tends to be more prevalent in women as opposed to men. The NIH found that there is a 3 to 1 ratio when it comes to the diagnosis of abdominal pain-related issues, (such as irritable bowel syndrome), in men versus women in the United States alone. 

3. Head and Neck Pain

Head and neck pain can range from regular headaches to aching muscles and joints, and it tends to be more common in women versus men as well.

Per the Women’s Health Office of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Serviceswomen tend to report more painful and lasting-longer symptoms of headaches and neck pain. They are also less likely to seek help from a physician when these conditions occur. 

4. Pelvic Pain

Specific types of chronic pain that are linked to the pelvic area can also be more prevalent in women, especially considering the added factors of:

Physical injury due to childbirth or other direct causes is certainly a factor that women alone must consider. Multiple studies have found pelvic pain of all varieties tends to be more frequent in women versus men

A Higher Risk for Women

Though the above list is just a sample, women, in general, can be at a higher risk for a wide array of chronic pain that can stem from an equally wide range of factors.

From injury to overuse of specific muscles, chronic pain is a condition no one should have to live with. And the key for both genders is to seek effective treatment. 

Start with a consultation with an experienced interventional pain management specialist, who will consider an array of contributing factors – including gender – before coming up with an effective treatment plan.

With help, all chronic pain sufferers can find a solution that lasts, and which mitigates the pain for the long term



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Chronic Pain: Four Types More Common in Women


Women can be susceptible to a wide array of medical conditions, including certain types of chronic pain. Take a closer look at conditions where women may inherently be at a higher risk.


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