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Chronic Opioid Use: A Closer Look At Targeted Drug Delivery

Chronic Opioid Use: A Closer Look At Targeted Drug Delivery

When it comes to chronic pain, finding relief, that’s not an opioid, is instrumental for the patient to get their life back on track.

Living with chronic pain day after day can put your life on hold. And alleviating the constant discomfort is paramount to being able to function and to get back to your regular routine.

But there are certainly pitfalls to using opioids and other pain medications to address the symptoms of chronic pain. Researchers have documented the addictive qualities of opioids.

Opioid addiction has progressed into a national crisis over the years, and these side effects grow more prevalent with use.

If you take opioids or prescription pain relievers over a long period, you’ll notice their ability to work and relieve your chronic pain becomes less effective over time, while your reliance on these medications becomes enhanced.

However, there are alternatives to using oral medications to find relief. It starts with investigating Targeted Drug Delivery as a safe and preferred alternative.

How Does Targeted Drug Delivery Work?

Targeted Drug Delivery essentially provides better and more accurate pain relief by delivering pain medication directly to the fluid and regions of the body where chronic pain exists, instead of via oral medicines. The procedure is quick and unobtrusive, and far more effective due to the direct delivery of the medications.

Why Is Targeted Drug Delivery a Better Route to Pain Relief?

We can’t overstate the benefits of Targeted Drug Delivery! Most importantly, Targeted Drug Delivery can provide better and longer-lasting relief than swallowing a pill regularly, but it also mitigates the potential side effects of oral medications, too.

Patients who opt for Targeted Drug Delivery are far less likely to be susceptible to opioid addiction. Also, patients have far fewer side effects that naturally accompany prescription pain relievers.

When you regularly take opioids or other medications to relieve your chronic pain, you’ll likely feel:

But with Targeted Drug Delivery, you can bypass these life-altering side effects while still finding long-lasting and effective relief.

Best of all, soon after your treatment, you’ll start getting your life back, and will be able to once again participate in everyday activities.

Ready to Learn More? It Begins with a Conversation

At aCellerated Interventional Orthopedicswe’re experts at finding innovative and better solutions for dealing with chronic pain, without invasive surgeries or dependence on orally-administered, prescription pain relievers.

And we’ve found after working with countless patients that every case of chronic pain is individualized. Your treatment plan needs to be personalized for your specific condition to be effective.

So contact us today! You don’t have to be dependent on oral medications for the rest of your life to find relief!

Contact Dr. Rich today. We’ll work together to determine if Targeted Drug Delivery is right for you and to identify other solutions that can alleviate your chronic pain for the long haul.

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Chronic Opioid Use: A Closer Look at Targeted Drug Delivery


Worried about being addicted to prescription opioid pain relievers you need to function? Take a closer look at a better alternative to relief.


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